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Errands and Such

One or many, we'll take you there, assist you while you shop, and then take you home safely and help you get the shopping inside!

Long term care givers, family members, helpful friends and individuals often need more than just transportation support...


Attendant assistance is a service offered by Out and About Transportation Services for clients that request mobility support for shopping, errands or activities once a destination is reached.

The attendant assistance fee is $20.00/hour, calculated in quarter hour increments, rounding up to the nearest 15 minutes. For example, if shopping assistance is needed for 10 minutes, then $5.00 is added to the bill, for the first quarter hour increment.

In order to assist as many customers as possible, a maximum of 2.5 hours is allotted for each customer per day for attendant assistance. The attendant service fee, is a charge in addition to any transportation fees.

While the Attendant Fee does not include driving time to and from the first destination, or  the final return trip, the timer does continue through any additional stops.


Appointments, errands and activities not associated with scheduled appointments are just as important to us and our daily life, as are scheduled appointments.  There is banking, the salon, grocery shopping, cloths or gift shopping to be done and you need transportation to get there, and maybe assistance once you arrive at your destination.

Out and About Transportation Services provides one-way, round-trip and destination transportation services for activities for all of our clients.  We will get you there. where you need to be, and home again comfortably and safely.

For destination transportation, those designated locations located outside of our normal range of operations, pre-scheduling is required.  Additional fees apply for destination transportation, and are evaluated based on time, distance, and billed accordingly for one-way and round-trip rides.

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