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Medical Emergencies

Q? WHAT IF THERE IS A MEDICAL EMERGENCY? A. It is important for you to know prior to  any transportation request, that Out & About Transportation Services does NOT have drivers who are trained first responders, nurses, nursing assistants, nor any sort of medical personnel . This information is covered in the liability waiver that each client…
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Is Assistance Available at my Destination

Q?  IS ASSISTANCE IS AVAILABLE AT MY DESTINATION? A.  Absolutely there is. Upon arriving at an appointment or other drop off location, it is our policy to offer the client assistance with getting inside and checked in before leaving for the next pickup.  We offer this as a complimentary service to our clients. If a client…
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What is the Attendant Fee?

Q? WHAT IS THE ATTENDANT FEE? A. The attendant fee is the extra fee associated with assisting a client beyond just transporting them to and from their destination and getting them situated.  This fee is $20.00/hour, with the fee rounding up to the nearest 15 minutes. For example, if someone needs to run into the grocery store and…
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Are Wheelchairs or Scooters Allowed?

Q?  MAY I BRING MY WHEELCHAIR, MOTORIZED CHAIR, OR SCOOTER? A. The Auto Access Seat van has the storage capacity to carry an additional wheelchair, but cannot accommodate a motorized chair or scooter. We provide our clients with the complimentary use of a  company wheelchair while at the client’s destination. If proper arrangements are made ahead…
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Is Smoking Allowed?

Q? DO YOU ALLOW SMOKING? A. No one is allowed to smoke inside or in the immediate vicinity of Out & About Transportation Services’ vehicles. This rule applies to employees, clients, and additional riders the client may bring along. There are no exceptions to this rule.  Violators must pay a $160.00 clean up fee and may be…
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Is Eating or Drinking Allowed?

Q? AM I ALLOWED TO BRING FOOD AND DRINK ON MY TRIP? A. Eating or drinking in any Out & About Transportation Services vehicle is expressly prohibited. Policy violation will incur a $160.00 clean up fee, and violators may be prohibited from using this company’s services in the future. Clients may, however transport food and beverages, such as…
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