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Medical Emergencies


A. It is important for you to know prior to  any transportation request, that Out & About Transportation Services does NOT have drivers who are trained first responders, nurses, nursing assistants, nor any sort of medical personnel .

This information is covered in the liability waiver that each client must acknowledge and agree to before scheduling a ride. Our drivers are CPR certified to help keep clients alive in the event of a catastrophe until emergency personnel arrive. It is our policy to call 911 in the event of an emergency and follow the instructions of the 911 dispatcher until an ambulance arrives.

Any medical information that may become relevant to the safe transportation of each client must be reported either over the phone or in the comment area of the 'Schedule-a-Ride' form.

Relevant information includes but is not limited to heart conditions, open wounds, oxygen needs, bone or nerve injuries or conditions, altered mental status, and incontinence issues.

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