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Out and About Transportation

Out and About Transportation ServicesIt is our Vision and our Mission to expand the definition of non-medical transportation and personalized assistance for all of those special people in our lives.

We Provide Transportation and Attendant Assistance for You or Your Family Member at Appointments and Activities

Innovation is the child of necessity.  From that seed, Out & About Transportation Services was created with the vision of being more than a taxi service.

We recognized a need for non-emergency transportation services for elders, for those whose mobility is compromised, and for those who can no longer drive themselves or other family members to every-day appointments and activities.

Reaching the destination is not the only objective!  There are appointments and activities where attended assistance is needed to live every-day life outside of the home.

Chad Dyas, is the visionary founder and owner of Out and About Transportation Services, LLC

Following graduation from Auburn University, Chad started his career in the health services industry since, and has never looked back.

Business minded, alert to the needs of others and with a keen sense for opportunity, he observed a need in the community for non-emergency transportation catered for the mobility impaired.

Following knee replacement surgery, Chad provided transportation and assistance to his Grandmother during an extended recovery period.  With some encouragement from friends and family, Out & About Transportation Services was formed, and operations were initiated.  The fledgling non-emergency transportation service flourished, grew exponentially and prospered.

Chad's personal mission is to provide a personalized non-emergency medical transportation and personal assistant services for the local, and extended community. Chad values openness, friendliness, and productive efficiency.

Transportation and Attendant Assistance for You or Family